Monday, April 6, 2009

Smoked Cheddar

Blessings, Darlings!

While at the Amish Market in Annapolis about 10 days ago we noticed that they had two types of smoked cheddar. One was the type we bought at Yule - bright orange inside, slightly browned smoked exterior, from Wisconsin. They other was new to us - a white cheddar, a darker brown smoked exterior, from the Amish up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Well, Wednesday after we rescued our son from his second round of car trouble for the week this time in the pouring rain! DH and I went out to breakfast in Annapolis and bought both types of the cheeses. Tonight we made two cheese and mushroom omlettes to do an A/B test with the cheeses.

The orange cheddar had a much stronger cheddar cheese flavor, a big, bold, rich, layered taste. The white cheddar had barely any cheddar taste, but a more pronounced smoked flavor. The white cheddar melted more evenly, melding well with the egg and mushrooms. The orange melted but didn't meld.

The orange Wisconsin cheddar was our favorite for flavor both in the omlettes and for nibbling. The great flavor overcame the melt/meld issue in the omlette, while the Amish White didn't bring enough to the party. It's rather a shame - I'd prefer to buy the more local product, but the one with 900 food miles on it has an huge edge in flavor.

Catch you later!


  1. Fern - reading this made me laugh - A/B tseting . . . We have so many kinds of cheese available to us here. No Amish cheddar though!

  2. Yes, Liz, you have all those lovely British and continental cheeses. I'm lucky that our local supermarket has a high-end cheese shop in it, or the foodie in me would cry.