Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More HW Failures

Last week the car - today the lawn mower. Son reports that not only is one tire wedged against the metal housing, but the engine is leaking fuel thru' the air filter. Son and DH are running machine in to Bob-the-repairman (and rental stuff shop owner) for an estimate and work.

Son was going to mow back yard and then take our pics so we have icons on our blogs/twitter accounts/membership sites/etc. But now son is going to go off and search for just the RIGHT video game for his new DSi. He has all these options because his two-hour long T/Th 8 am class was cancelled today.

I'm still hoping he'll get around to taking my pic in front of the herb garden while the daffodils are blooming. They are my favorite spring bulbs, and we were lucky that this house has them planted in the back yard in great groups. I don't know why no one ever planted any bulbs in front, but I guess I'm glad none are there now. We're still waiting for the landlord to fix the front gutter that came crashing down a month ago, and I'm sure that repair folks would trample them to death.

And, yes, the downed gutter is yet another HW failure.

None of the HW failures are awful, just a bit inconvenient. Oh, if we OWNED the house instead of RENTING it, then birds nesting in the roof due to access from boards that came down along with the gutter would be a problem. Not being able to mow the yard is non-optimal, but the front is mowed and I'll bet that if we ask a neighbor we could borrow a lawn mower. Especially since our son mows the unoccupied house on the street thus helps maintain the neighborhood.

But - for car problems, we have back up car AND son could take two buses and have a bunch of wait time and still make it to school ... and back every day except Monday when his evening lab is later than the buses run. I could walk to do shopping, and have shopping cart I could use to get products to shipper - or I could have FedEx pick up at the house I suppose. Getting our manuals from the printer and son's Monday night class would be the only times we'd NEED a car of some sort. Recent dish washer breakdown was handled by - gasp - hand washing dishes. Broken toaster oven was handled by Freecycle and we hope to fix the old toaster oven sometime.

If we didn't have so many 'things', we wouldn't have so many 'things' breaking down. I think that there is a lesson here somewhere.

Catch you later!

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