Friday, March 4, 2016

Restaurant scrounging, addenum

Blessings Darlings!

The place I work at has added a new product - bone in broasted chicken.  But Corporate keeps auto-shipping us WAY more than we sell.  Okay, we cook the extra chicken (it's fresh, and has a short use-by date) unseasoned/breaded, then take the meat off the bones to use in pot pies and soup and such. 

I boned 4 pans of chicken yesterday. 

As I looked at the pans of chicken, and the lovely drippings in the pans, I realized that I was set up to throw out the ingredients for a really wonderful chicken stock.  So I didn't throw the stuff out.  I brought the 3 quarts of gelatinous drippings and many of the bones home.  Once home, the bones went into the oven for an hour, then into two stock pots, with the drippings and more water, to simmer over night.

I now have two quarts of 'stock base'. I may choose to reduce the liquid, but I'll worry about that tonight, after it's cooled and I've skimmed it and tasted it.

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