Thursday, August 13, 2015

Visualize THIS.

Blessings, Darlings!

Today in an extremely fluffy Facebook 'witch' and 'Wicca' group - where I'm totally sure that no one has an initiation in lineaged Wicca or could explain what an egregore is and how that related to lineaged Wicca - I was ... informed ... that magic is all about visualization. 

So I asked if that meant that the blind can't do magic. 

This told me several things.  First, that people using the word 'visualization' haven't thought about that ableist phrasing, obviously. Second, that they are just parroting things that they read in bad books (or that their 'teachers' read in bad books).  Third ... that they have no bloody idea what magic is about.

Trust me - there would be a crap load of bleeding bodies around me if magic was just 'visualization'. At the very least, with all the magic user out there imagining/visualizing things - think of what would have happened to Donald Trump's hair by now!

No, magic is NOT about 'visualization'. It's about moving energy.  Beginners are often taught to move energy by using visualization, but ONLY because it helps them past a few limits they've put on themselves.  The visualization is NOT THE MAGIC. MOVING THE ENERGY is the magic.

And if you do not understand that, you fucking shouldn't be teaching.

Frondly (or not), Fern

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