Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chubby Hubby's Birthday - While Broke

Blessings Darlings!

We celebrated the CH's birthday today.  He took almost the whole day off! 

It started with a huge breakfast, eggs and toast and hamburger patties and two, not just one, pastry from the local great bakery.  Sundays are the only day we have meat with breakfast, and usually we have bacon, occasionally ham.  Today he opted for burgers.  So - big high fat high protein meal.  And the only thing I bought special (since I always have frozen hamburger patties in the freezer) was one pastry, since we usually go one and buy one to share every weekend.  That was $2.50.

Then we headed out, and spent the bulk of the day at Harper's Ferry National Historical Park ... because not only did we WANT to go there, but the park was free today (it's the birthday of the National Park system).  We visited lots of museums, walked along the Shenandoah river, looked at ruins of the canal system and factory buildings.  Learned a lot about John Brown's raid, water powered manufacturing, how often the Shenandoah river floods, etc. Had a great time.  Treated CH to a Coke and a box of candy cigarettes.  $3.25 for all of that.  Oh, and, for the first time, set foot on the Appalachian Trail!

Then we figured we'd have the dessert we had planned for after dinner BEFORE dinner, so we went off to Nutters Ice Cream Parlor in Sharpesburg, MD.  We shared this HUGE banana split (with extra hot fudge).  CH was astonished to see the size of it.  And even with the extra hot fudge, it cost only $6.75.

Total spent - $12.50.  Had a great time.  And too full for the steaks I bought (within the food budget) for dinner.  We'll have them some other night this week.

Happy happy happy.

Frondly, Fern

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