Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Blessings Darlings!

It's Lughnasadh!  Let's talk wheat!

SOME writers are fucking morons.  One posted her article on a Prepper list I'm on.  She went on about how the drought trashed the winter wheat crop.  Except ... it hasn't.  The crop has been harvested a bit early due to the drought (no rain slow downs), but even Kansas, HARD hit by the drought, had a great winter wheat crop.  Winter wheat in the US finished being harvested in the middle of July.

I think that the author can't tell winter wheat, which was planted late last fall, from spring wheat which was planted this spring.  Spring wheat IS likely to be affected, but it's a far smaller crop than the winter wheat is.  Spring wheat is just beginning to be harvested now.  I've never lived in an area that grows any.  Here the rotation is corn one year, beans the next followed by a fall planting of winter wheat the second year, then harvest the winter wheat and plant beans year 3. 

Corn and soy beans ARE going to be affected, of course, as will all the things with those crops in them, from vegetable oils to meat to soda.  Prices of 'veggies' might rise 5% due to increased cost of irrigation, but amounts of them shouldn't be affected much. Local veggies and soft fruits are going to be more price-competitive with supermarket ones.

Still, in the US we spend a WAY smaller percentage of our income on food, so we're going to be hit far less than most other countries.  Without imported grains, there will be famine.  People will die.  Rulers will be overthrown.

Buckle up.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. Yeah, Fern. Buckling up. We are living in Egypt right now and bread is government subsidized but they are talking about reducing subsidies with the newly elected government. It may have nothing to do with the lack of rain in the States, but STILL buckling up. Thanks for the warning!

    P.S. Love your sense of humor. I will be following by email. :)