Friday, September 24, 2010

The Posh Life

Blessings, Darlings!

So, the Chubby Hubby and I are preparing to move - we should sign the lease early next week.  I'm sure that the property manager is waiting to  make sure that the deposit check doesn't bounce before moving on to that stage!

In any move, there are lots of costs that aren't obvious.  Obvious costs are boxes, movers, trucks, etc.  Less obvious is lost income (since we have a home based business that will be moved, and lost income as we take the office and lab apart, move it, and then put them back together).

In this move we'll also have to get a washer/dryer, since the house doesn't come with them.  We'll get 'em used, rather than trying to go thru' Freecycle, because we can't store them before we move and we're not in 'prime Freecycle area' after we move.

But then there are all the other costs.  I THINK we'll avoid the "get new towels to match the bathrooms" cost.  We have towels of darn near all solid colors by now!  We won't need to get drapes/window shades in this house (one of the others was without them .... but DID have a washer/dryer).

But the CH, saying we're moving nto this really great almost new rental, wants us to get the dining room chairs, an overstuffed armchair, and at least one loveseat reupholstered.  Well, I can agree that they ARE old - older than our spawn, who is 22. And the cats HAVE used parts of them to scratch on.  I'm talking about YOU, Ms. Brianna, who is staring at me looking VERY demure as I type.

I do believe I went pale at the suggestion.  I don't know exact costs for reupholstering, but I know it's not cheap.  It might not even be frugal - we might be able to buy new chairs for the cost of reupholstering the old ones!

I tried to make a counter-offer: let's move, see what all our costs are, THEN investigate reupholstering.  That was rejected, as the CH doesn't want to move crappy-looking furniture into the new place.

But, being of sound mind, I bounced the issue off of my coven-siblings at ritual last night.  They told me that with a staple gun and hot glue I can do a reasonable job of reupholstering myself.  While I think that they over estimate my attention to detail, I think that will be what I try.  The CH has not rejected the idea, and I'll start by doing the chair whose seat is the most torn up.  That way, even if I screw up terribly, the 'only' things lost are costs for a small amount of material and my time.

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