Sunday, March 29, 2009

Salad Daze! CROUTONS

It's feeling a lot like spring - meaning in part that my spawn is having allergy problems. No matter - MY mind is turning to spring greens.

And my spring greens get topped with croutons. A day without croutons is like a day without bacon ... rather literally, since I use bacon grease (and bacon when I have some) to make the croutons.

5 slices of thick cut bacon, in about a 1/3 inch dice
About a quart of stale bread, about 1/2 inch cubes
Salad seasonings of your choice - I usually use whatever Mrs Dash flavor sends me any given day
Extra bacon grease if you want.
Maybe some sesame seeds or poppy seeds, if you like.

Saute the bacon till crisp. Remove bacon and set aside. Stir bread cubes into bacon fat. Put greased bread cubes on baking tray, and bake at about 350 till golden brown and delicious. Toss salad seasonings on bread cubes. Throw reserved bacon in. Put in covered container. Put on salad in whatever amounts you like.



    okay, just finished 9-day fast and if i ate this right now it would kill me dead. (today just OJ but i cheated with bread....hey, it was during ritual!)
    but i'm totally making these later this week.
    :) khairete

  2. I forgot to add that you need to stir 'em a few times while in the oven, and that while they bake you have to watch 'em like a hawk - they can burn easily.