Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What just happened?

Wait.  How did this happen?

I left my desk, business cordless phone in hand, to go up to the 3rd floor and exercise in the bedroom where the exercise bike is, you know the whole 'new month/new goals' thing.  Yet now I'm down in the basement at my desk again, phone elsewhere, no exercising done.

Let's see.  I entered the bedroom.  I sighed, remembering that I have to get the Chubby Hubby packed for the business trip he leaves for WAY too early on Sunday morning.  I moved a TV table over where I exercise, put the phone, timer, and TV remote on it.  Then ... hmmm.

Then I went into the closet and got out the suitcase I'll pack for him.  I stood it upright by the window, since if I lay it down the cats will sleep on it and cover the dark-green material with grey and white cat hair.  I started stacking his underwear on top of it.  He doesn't have enough clean undies right now to pack for the trip.  I took the full laundry hamper out of the closet.  I wondered what shape his company-name embossed collared shirts were in.  I discovered that 3 of the 4 have stains that may not come out but I felt I should TRY to get the stains out.  I took the laundry hamper and shirts to the laundry room on the 'middle' floor.  I pre-treated the stains. I started the washer, filling it partially by buckets since the cold water hose needs replacing.

I came back down to the basement, and asked the CH what color Microchip shirts he needs for this year (he needs to wear THEIR shirts when he teaches classes).  Apparently this year is a Blue Shirt year, which seems FAR safer than the red shirt years.  And I THINK he has two blue shirts.

I walked from his office to mine. I sat down. I saw that my phone isn't here.  Where is it?  Oh, yeah, upstairs .... because I set off to exercise .....

Frondly, Fern

PS - I was most of the way done with the tags on this (last step before posting) when I had leave my desk to fill the washer again for the rinse cycle.

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