Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Scarcity

Blessings Darlings!

The Chubby Hubby is home from his business trip and visiting his mother (at this time she's NOT going into a nursing home).  My barely-there garden is peaking, at 2 pounds of beans and 4 cucumbers a week.  The weather has cooled down to merely summer from the incredible heat and humidity of this last July.

As is always the case after CH's summer trip, we're broke. We'll have to take money out of his IRA to pay bills, and the Spawn will probably be buying all our groceries.  Luckily, they are understaffed at work so he's getting more hours than usual.  Unfortunately, since he was at work for 15 hours last Friday, he's been hit by a summer cold and been out sick today and half of yesterday.  I have the cold, too.  My sinuses are like Dr. Who's Tardis - they may SEEM normal, but I assure you that they are far far bigger and more swollen than you can see from looking at them from the outside.  They have swolled to house size on the inside.

Did you know that there is a Chinese dish that uses cucumbers as the vegetable?  Well, there are probably several, but I'm referring to Bon Bon Chicken Salad.  I'm making that for dinner Friday night.  Because that's the veggie I have the most of.  Tomorrow will be .... probably a pork or tofu stir fry with bean sprouts and cabbage and a carrot for color.  I sprouted the bean sprouts myself, of course, and grew the cabbage.  I did not grow the carrot.

I'm trying to figure out a way to afford high-quality 'facial tissue' to get us thru' the cold.  I just don't think it's ethical to head to the store that has it on sale, use the coupon that requires we buy two packages of 3 packs each, and then return one of the 3 packs.  That way we'd end up with only the one 3 pack we need, and use the entire coupon on it.

If I don't spend any of the house money on food, or pay the credit cards, then I can afford car insurance.  I'm very glad the garden is peaking now!

Sorry about all the whining.  I'll be more uplifting and discuss puff pastry based treats sometime soon.

Frondly, Fern


  1. handkerchiefs....highquality cotton and you use them and then wash them.

    1. Yeah, those are on my list of things to buy someday, because they are probably more ecologically sound. Other than the problem with how most cotton is grown.