Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Blessings, Darlings!

No, I'm not going off on the Banksters and Quantative Easing ... I've been trying to iron out issues in our Online Banking and on our credit cards (from a different bank!

I love the people who work in the local branches of the bank we use for business and personal checking/savings accounts.  They are professional, personable, and work hard to make my life easier.  But our account is an OLD OLD OLD one - we started at Mellon bank, it got bought by yet another bank, and that got bought by the bank we are now with.  As a result, suddenly the software or something realized that they don't have signature cards for us - they were with the original bank, and no one knows where that paperwork is now.  So, when I went to link our personal account with our business account for online banking ... things blew up. 

But I went in and filled out the paperwork, took it home, had the Chubby Hubby sign, brought it all back, the person helping me faxed it all to the main office, called the main office, and was assured that I'd have everything online the next day.  I went home, relieved, but didn't need to do anything online right away - I had done it at the bank at the same time.

Fast forward one month .... to yesterday. 

Knowing that I'd be going to the bank (some 30 miles away), I checked the online banking.  STILL no access to the personal accounts.  Went to the bank.  Spent an hour with the branch manager HERSELF calling and being transferred around Main Corporate Office as she tried to figure out what had gone wrong.  We ended up having me do all the paperwork over, now for both business accounts and both personal accounts.   I'll take the paperwork back on Friday, after the CH again signs it, and see if we can get it done then.


While I was at the bank I deposited a check from a client into the business account, which we still can't do from home but the bank has explained to us how to set up.  I get home, ready to pay bills, but cooked dinner instead.  This morning the CH tells me that one of our monthly bills didn't get auto-paid due to a credit card problem, I need to look into it.  I call THIS bank.  The robotic voice tells me what our balances are, and that there is about $2K in headroom.  But I added the balances on that account (both of us have cards that contribute to the total) and in fact we were within a few dollars of our credit limit, so of course the charge wouldn't go thru'.  I made a payment so we SHOULD be able to clear this up tomorrow .... but I do NOT  understand why the robot info says we have lot of headroom on the card!

Just one of those frustrating financial times, with the bank central offices NOT helping.

Frondly, Fern

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