Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harvest Time

Blessings, Darlings!

As all y'all who have been reading this for a while know, it's been a long, hard slog the past few years.   Money has been pretty non-existent. Well, non-existent in a first world way, at least.  All clothes except undies and socks come from Goodwill.   The only thing I go to Starbucks for is coffee grounds for the garden.  Haven't bought books at all, one meal out a month at most, if things around the house get repaired it's by us or not at all unless it's the car, etc.  Bills have been paid a bit late on occassion, but always paid in a reasonable amount of time.  Spas? Facials? Nope. Movies? Nope. Vacations? Nope.

Not exactly living the American Dream of the American Lifestyle, but there is NO question that we are living richer than most of the world, right?

It's paying off.  Not that the business is pulling in mega bucks, tho' consulting is doing well.  But, you know we have to move, and move fast.  Landlords/management companies pull credit reports on prospective tenents.  We applied to rent a WONDERFUL house, and the agent renting it immediately told us we were the #1 prospect (and 2 other families applied the same day we did) because of OUR STELLAR CREDIT RATING.  The weeping, the stressing, the juggling needs/wants/desires, everything has worked to make us, if not financially secure, at least look great to potential landlords.

I hope we get our #1 choice in houses.  Once we are settled after we move (in any place we move to!) we get to work to amass savings for later house/land purchase.  And of course, we will keep knocking off the debts the business has.  But at least the hard work has shown SOME results.

Most amazing has been the magical working aspect.  I have NEVER before held back from micromanaging magic.  I have declared what I wanted and worked for it.  This time, since the awful day in December that the landlord's bank slapped foreclosure papers on the front door, I stepped back and did magic aimed "at the highest good of all involved".  One of the results: living 10 months rent free.  Holy cow - I'd NEVER have worked for that.  That monetary aid alone allowed us the opportunity to work on bringing out a new product rather than just doing consulting. 

I did it this way because I knew I was too emotional to see all options, and too pissed at some of the people and institutions involved to focus well.  But it paid off incredibly.  I'm still in awe.

Frondly, Fern


  1. Fern - best of luck with the new house situation. I hope choice number one comes through.

    What are your products? What's your business?


  2. We have programming tools for USB HID devices, control over TCP products, and secure in-place upgrades of products.

    Information on all of them is on our website,

  3. Fern-So proud of you for keeping such a positive attitude during times when others find it so easy to "Woe is me." Blessings on your new abode! And I love reading about how positive spell work pays off. I love your reasoning that sometimes when you are too emotional about a situation it may be best to address a problem by simply asking for the highest good. Being emotionally blind to all the options happens more than most people are willing to admit. Thank you for your blogs, I am a big fan!