Sunday, March 29, 2020

Soggy Sunday

Blessings Darlings!

Tis a cloudy Sun's Day here, had some rain earlier.  So no work IN the garden or hauling manure today.  I'll process the meats that the Spawn bought earlier this week - form the ground beef into 4 oz patties and freeze then bag them, cut the chicken leg quarters into thighs and drumsticks, then fry them and freeze what we don't eat.  And as always, do the never ending stream of dishes.  It's too damp out to hang laundry, so that will await another day.

Oh, I'll start more veggie seeds, and continue the reading and practice of Esoteric Stuff.  We'll take the recycling to the curb for tomorrow's pick up.  And since the trees are still insisting on having sex in my nose, I'll sneeze a lot.

For those wondering - I have NO set schedule during this coronavirus stay at home thing.  Other than trying to get up at 8:30 am.  After than, it's all about what I Will to do.  And I'm not some always-busy driven person.  But I'm still getting lots of stuff done.  A

I DO wonder if the lawn care guys are planning on starting mowing tomorrow, and if they are, what time they'll arrive.  It complicates line drying clothes.

And while all this goes on, the virus spreads and spreads FAST.  Singer/songwriter John Prine is in critical condition.  Deaths from it in the US doubled over the past two days.  It's a clusterfuck.  It's spreading in my area - hell, my town was where the first folks pushed hard enough to get tested for it ... and of course came back positive.

I'm kinda pissed that the Spawn is getting his car worked on tomorrow.  He promises to stay outside of the dealership, in a chair he'll bring with.   And I'm giving him a bandana to use as a mask.  Sigh.

Frondly, Fern

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